Home tutoring requires the same professional standards and approach as any other form of teaching.

At minimum, tutors must be educated to degree level. Teaching experience, teacher training and postgraduate qualifications would be an advantage.

For details of the agency's charges, go to the fees page on the web site. The current rate of commission is £6.20 per hour. Fees are determined by the agency, but when and where you teach are matters for you and the client to sort out.

Most of the tuition involves travelling to the client's home, although some clients prefer to go the tutor's home. Almost all of the work takes place during weekday evenings and at weekends. There is obviously more flexibility during holiday periods. We have some daytime tuition during the week.

We cover all subjects and levels, from primary to degree. There's a lot of demand for primary English and Maths, and secondary English, Maths and Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics to GCSE and A level. We also have numerous requests for Accounting, Business Studies, Economics, Computing & ICT, Psychology, Sociology, History and Politics. But it's worth registering whatever you teach.

London's Learning is an excellent agency to work with. Our fees and commission rates are fair and reasonable, and we are efficient, friendly and supportive. Good tutors are valued by us and they know it.

Why not join us?